Enter a new global creative ecosystem
Art exhibitions
Lost in fashion sales
Loss expected in fashion in 2020
Art exhibitions
Communication campaigns cancelled
While galleries, stores, and other venues of recreation have shut down, many opportunities have been canceled or postponed, and we are launching a new economic infrastructure for creators.

Why wait for a bright future when you can have it now?

Learn how you can receive monthly earnings for your creativity and data through the Newlife mobile app and its network of partners and contribute to this new creative digital economy.
A new economic infrastructure to fund cultural producers.
In lieu of globalization, we have lost touch with the borders that define cultural landscapes. A “culture” happens when individual bacterias grow in tandem–aligning through similarity while respecting differences. Where do artists, designers and curators go to define their own reality if civic spaces are no longer trusted arenas of discovery?

Our beloved creative communities not only deserve a chance to participate in the global economy, but to design it for themselves. Newlife is a mobile app where you share your creativity and are paid for the value you create.

We’re designing the new paradigm: a New Life is at your fingertips.
It’s not the end of the world: we are just going digital, for a while...
Global Apps Usage
Since the 3rd week 
of the outbreak
Apps Revenue
Mobile apps are exploding
Creative Industry
Digital formats expected by 2025
Fashion Retail
Going online
Leading Museums
Will exhibit online
with Google
Internet users
Spending more time
on social media
Welcome to your new life
The mobile app converting your creativity into data and your data into money.
Imagine a social network where all your creative and curatorial inputs are converted into data and this data converts into a digital crypto-currency that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

“a metaverse of new possibilities for young creatives to collaborate with others across the world”
“groundbreaking app. a community that is both self-sufficient and self-serving”
“the blockchain that offers a new connection between creators and consumers”
“the up-and-coming creatives with the potential to shift the cultural narrative for years to come”
“a social media site without likes or followers, where creative content is rewarded”
Economic model
A revolution at your finger tip, one tap at a time
Many platforms can fund creativity and provide valuable solutions to creators who cater the large audiences. Those infrastructures are viable for mainstream audiences and require millions of followers and views to be financially viable. The new life model is designed for the innovators who invent the cultures and aesthetics of tomorrow.
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Virtual geography
Turn-on your radar to find people and discover locally – in real-time.
Identity Exchange
Circulate content within a diverse cultural landscape
Data Dignity
Earn cryptocurrency as compensation for all the value your data creates
Grow Organically
Community-driven growth: as your network grows, so does your net worth.
Navigate Emotionally
Use your emotion to drive our aesthetics-driven algorithms
Esoteric Market
Uncover rare fashion and art objects through data exchange
Our roadmap for the deployment of a new digital creative ecosystem
Creative network formation
Onboarding relevant creators to constitute the backbone of the network.
Business evolution
Inviting partners and investors to fund creatives within the app
Decentralised consortium
Application, media and cultural platforms to curate and fund creators globally.
Public domain
Empower a peer-to-peer network where technology supports the community.
It takes a village: meet the partners powering our ecosystem.
Fashion e-tail affiliate partnerships
We curate and support emerging designers in the New Life community through our partnerships with the most innovative retailers online.
Payment processors
Trusted payment solutions for seamless transactions in our in-app marketplace.
Blockchain technology
Leveraging the power of blockchain technology for a secure, transparent and decentralised virtual ecosystem.
Machine & deep learning
As a participant of the Nvidia accelerator, our initiative employs the power of deep learning and generative design to imagine the future of data-driven aesthetics.
Join us to rethink the foundations of the creative economy.
4 ways to enter the new life ecosystem
I'm an artist, designer, performer
Learn how you can earn all the value you create. Produce and curate original content on the app.

I'm a media, or cultural organisation
Galleries, agencies, and magazines will play an important role in the ecosystem. Tell us more about you and we'll reach out.
I want to support creators i love
You don't have to be part of an existing cultural ecosystem to join. You can participate by simply caring and understanding our mission.
Brands, fintech, enterprises
Let's explore innovative ways to empower cultural producers while creating a sustainable future.